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Best Banks in Maryland 2022

Maryland has a population of nearly 6 million and also 80 banks (approx.) with hundreds of bank branches spread across the state, it is little difficult to filter out the best banks in Maryland. Banks are the best place to save your hard-earned money and they play a crucial rule by protecting your money and also providing services like a debit card, credit card, online net banking, etc. 

The following are the best banks in maryland

  1. M&T Bank
  2. BB&T Bank
  3. Bank of America
  4. PNC Bank
  5. TD Bank
  6. SunTrust Bank
  7. Wells Fargo Bank
  8. First National Bank
  9. The Columbia Bank
  10. First Citizens Bank


Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company is best for saving account purpose. There is no minimum balance to be maintained, no monthly fee and also no minimum deposit for opening an account in this bank. Apart from these features, the bank also has an online and mobile banking platform even for simple accounts. They also provide a quality service to all their customers. They provide car loans, credit cards, CDs, student loan, etc.

Another major part, which influences this bank to the top is the reach of bank throughout Maryland, as the bank has nearly 690 banks and 1500 ATMs for their customers.

Branch Banking and Trust Bank is one of the best banks for students as they provide no minimum balance for opening an account. This bank is more useful for students who are pursuing their studies and also earning at the same time. They have nearly 3000 ATMs for easy access to students. This bank provides its service via mobile apps as well as online banking so it is easily accessible by students. The app was also in the top 100 in Apple play store and its interface was also smooth. They provide personal loans, investments, mortgages, car loans, prepaid cards.

It is the best National bank and also holds a huge market among the banks in Maryland. This bank has a good reputation and a trustworthy source to keep your money safe. They provide a variety of checking accounts, savings accounts, etc for different needs of people. There is a minimum balance to be maintained and also monthly charges to be paid for having an account. The bank provides services like money market accounts (MMA), CDs, credit card, individual retirement accounts, home loans, etc.

As it is a national bank, there are branches throughout the state as well as outside the state. ATMs also have a similar scenario. Apart from this, the bank has an online mobile application app for ease of accessibility.

The best bank for people who use technology quite often. This bank is a digital giant as it offers a lot of features via online net banking which other banks traditionally offer. Furthermore, it also has a mobile banking feature which also increases the accessibility to the bank. They also provide service like notification for transaction alerts, etc which will be helpful for the customers by knowing the current status of their account. This bank is suitable for people who like to do everything online. There are nearly 200 branches spread-out in the state in the case if customers want to meet the official in person.

  • TD Bank

This Toronto-Dominion bank is a Canadian national bank known for its customer service. The bank provides products such as checking, saving, CDs, credit card, prepaid card, Mortgage loans etc. They have a separate section for student banking, in which students are encouraged to open a new account as no minimum balance is required to start a new account. In this student banking section, they are given access to a savings account, checking and a debit card. They also have access to the account via mobile banking through mobile apps with a digital wallet feature.  For customers from business and other firms, they are allowed to do online banking which permits them to do billings, send and receive money, deposit checks, etc.

  • SunTrust Bank

SunTrust bank is an American based company in Maryland, the company provides various offers on each section. They currently provide two types of checking advanced and essential checking. They give additional bonuses for advanced checking. Based on people need they can choose respective checking. They provide services for personal banking, small business, wealth management, etc. They provide support for small business development with money in times of need. Online banking and mobile apps are also developed for customers suitable for people doing business.

  • Wells Fargo bank

Wells Fargo Company is an American based company in Maryland. This company is the third largest bank in the US by assets. They also have the 26th rank in Fortune 500 rankings. This bank provides students loans for students and undergraduates for their educational purpose. Well, Fargo wallet was launched for easy accessibility. They have a motive to stay with their customers and make them build confidence and succeed in their goal. They have very good customer interaction.

  • First National Bank

The first national bank was founded in 1864 with a motive for commercial banking, consumer banking, and wealth management solutions. This bank in Maryland gives customers a variety of loans such as personal loans, mortgage loans, business loans and they provide commercial leasing. They provide an online portal which gives a piece of detailed information and also user-friendly. They have customer care service if you face any kind of problem regarding rules, etc.

  • The Columbia Bank

Since 1988, the Colombia Bank is performing its seamless work and constantly collaborating with other sectors to make a swift development. The bank focuses on its customers and their employees as they are the key factors for running a successful company. The website is a little outdated and they also do not have any mobile apps but they provide excellent service. Similar to other banks, they also have personal banking, business banking, mortgages, and services.

  • First Citizens Bank

First citizen bank was established in 1898, they provide digital banking where online net banking and mobile banking is provided for customer’s easy accessibility. They have three main sections personal, business, wealth. They work for their motto "Working hard, asking questions, planning ahead, and Taking care of customers". They are each and every customer as a valuable one and never let go of their trust. They provide car loans, credit cards, CDs, student loan, auto loans, etc.

Here is the map and locations of all the banks in Maryland https://www.google.com/maps/search/banks+in+maryland/@39.1432261,-77.1536179,9z/data=!3m1!4b1


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