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List of banks in Arizona

This list of banks in ARIZONA consists of all the details of all the banks. There are different types of banks presently operating in Arizona. Arizona has over 1800 banks all over 114 cities in Arizona.


Here is the list of top 40 banks in Arizona :

  1. JPMorgan Chase Bank.
  2. Washington Federal Bank.
  3. Wells Fargo Bank.
  4. Bank of America.
  5. PNC Bank.
  6. U.S Bank.
  7. Zions Bancorporation.
  8. BMO Harris Bank.
  9. First National Bank Texas.
  10. MidFirst Bank.
  11. Comerica Bank.
  12. Bank of the West.
  13. Glacier Bank.
  14. UMB Bank.
  15. Arizona Bank & Trust.
  16. New York Community Bank.
  17. First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company.
  18. Western Alliance Bank.
  19. Great Western Bank.
  20. Parkway Bank and Trust Company.
  21. Western State Bank.
  22. Horizon Community Bank.
  23. First Fidelity Bank.
  24. Academy Bank.
  25. Commerce Bank of Arizona.
  26. Bank of England.
  27. Bankers Trust Company.
  28. First International Bank & Trust.
  29. Sunflower Bank.
  30. Bell Bank.
  31. Mission Bank.
  32. Banterra Bank.
  33. Pacific Premier Bank.
  34. West Valley National Bank.
  35. The Northern Trust Company.
  36. Enterprise Bank & Trust.
  37. TrustBank.
  38. FineMark National Bank & Trust.
  39. SunWest Bank.
  40. Republic Bank of Arizona.

Now, let's talk about the first 15 one after the other.

  1. JPMorgan Chase Bank:

JPMorgan Chase Bank is one of the multinational investment banks in Arizona (America). It was founded in December 1, 2000 by Aaron Burr (The Bank of the Manhattan Company), Balthazar P. Melick (Chemical Bank), John Pierpont Morgan (J.P. Morgan & Co.), John Thompson (Chase National Bank). Its headquarters is located in New York City. JPMorgan Chase Bank was originally known as Chemical Bank.

JPMorgan Chase Bank is still in existence as it is known to be the largest Bank in the United States.

  1. Washington Federal Bank:

Washington Federal Bank, WaFd Bank for short is located in Seattle, Washington, United States which is its headquarters. It is the 105th largest bank in the nation. It was founded in the year,1917 as Ballard Savings and Loan. It later changed its name to Washington Federal Savings and Loan in the year 1958. Then, later in 2019, the bank was then rebranded as Washington Federal Savings Bank (WaFd Bank).


  1. Wells Fargo Bank:

Wells Fargo Bank is an American multinational financial service company with its headquarters at San Francisco, California. It has its managerial offices all around the United States and internationally. It was founded in the year 1929 by Henry Wells and William Fargo. As at 2021, it had 5,200 branches and 13000 ATMs worldwide.


  1. Bank of America:

The Bank of America was previously known as the "Bank of Italy". On November 1st, 1930, the Bank of Italy changed its name to the Bank of America. In 2016, Bank of America was made number 1 in the functionality of online and mobile banking. It also launched more than 8,500 ATMs. The Bank of America has over $635.6 billion in consumer banking deposit and still counting as the year goes.


  1. PNC Bank:

PNC Bank is a product of two banks which were later merged together in 1983. These banks are Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation. James E. Laughlin is known to be the founding partner with Jones to bring about the PNC Bank.


  1. U.S Bank:

The U.S Bank is one of the largest Bank in the nation. As of March 31st, 2020, the U.S Bank was known to have more than 70,000 employees and $543 billion in asset and also the fifth largest commercial Bank in the United States with its branches in 26 states.


  1. Zions Bancorporation:

Zions Bancorporation headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. It was founded in 1873 with a total assets now exceeding $65 billion. On December 31st, 1957,  Zion's Savings Bank and Trust Company (1873), Utah Savings and Trust Company (1889) and First National Bank of Salt Lake City (1890) merged to form Zions First National Bank.


  1. BMO Harris Bank:

BMO Harris Bank is an American bank located in Chicago, Illinois. BMO stands for Bank of Montreal. It has its branches spread across different states like Indiana, Arizona, Florida, California, etc. It is one of the biggest banks in the Midwest with more than 600 branches and approximately 1,300 ATMs in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Arizona, Florida and California.

The founder of the BMO Harris Bank is Norman Wait Harris in 1882. He is the founder of Chicago's Harris Bank which was later changed to BMO Harris Bank.


  1. First National Bank Texas:

The First National Bank Texas(FNBT) was founded in 1901 in the Central Texas town of Killeen now with over $3.7 billion in assets operating in over 340 locations in Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, and New Mexico. The First National Bank Texas has over 340 branches with 350 ATMs in Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Texas.


  1. MidFirst Bank:

MidFirst Bank was founded on February 28, 1911 with 76 branches located in 3 states. Its original name was Oklahoma National Bank of Chickasha. Then in February 10, 1962, it then changed its name to Oklahoma National Bank & Trust Company of Chickasha. The MidFirst Bank continually had its name changed until Sep 12, 1997 when they finally arrived at its real name, "MidFirst Bank". It is a private owned bank with assets worth over $32.1 billon.


  1. Comerica Bank:

Comerica Bank is a financial services company headquartered in Dallas, Texas with its retail banking operations spread all over Texas, Michigan, Arizona, California and so many other states. It was founded by Elon Farnsworth in 1849 with 591 branches.


  1. Bank of the West:

Bank of the West is a bank situated in San Francisco, California with more than 600 branches and offices in the Midwest and Western United States. It was founded in 1874. Nandita Bakhshi is known to be the CEO and president of Bank of the West. As at 2020, the number of employees was 9,261.


  1. Glacier Bank:

Glacier Bank has its headquarters situated in Kalispell, Montana, United States. It was founded in 1955 as Kalispell Savings and Loan before it was incorporated in 1990 and named Glacier Bank. It's owned by Glacier Bancorp.


  1. UMB Bank:

The UMB Bank was founded in 1913 as City Center Bank, it is located in Kansas City, Missouri with over 2,899 employees. A UMB financial corporation reports has the net income of UMB Bank to be over $286.5 million annually. In a year, the average salary for UMB Bank employees is over $79736. The key people to note are; Mariner Kemper (Chairman, President & CEO), Ram Shankar (CFO), Jim Rine (CEO of UMB Bank).


  1. Arizona Bank & Trust:

Arizona Bank & Trust was founded on August 18, 2003 with its branches situated in Arizona. It has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. It is fully owned by an incorporation called Heartland. It is a full-service commercial bank with assets over $1.0 billion. Arizona Bank & Trust is the 2nd largest bank in the state of Arizona and also the 559th largest bank in the nation. As at December, 2021, it had grown to 72 employees at 10 locations with also an  A+ health rating.

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