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About Bank L List USA

Bank L List USA is one stop solution for all your banking queries, ranging from listing top banks in the United states to the best savings account for Americans and how to find a bank that gives high APY and interest rates. You can search anything and everything related to banking here. Ultimate motive of Bank L List USA is to cover all the topics related to American Banking System which will help you in choosing reliable banks of your choice as per your financial requirement. We are consistently covering the minute details of all the registered banks in the United States, which will help you to make wise decision while choosing an American Bank.  

Below is the list of few of the topics which we have covered, we hope you'll love reading it

  1. Top 10 Banks in the United States 
  2. Best savings account for Americans
  3. Best Checking Accounts
  4. Best Savings Account for Americans
  5. What is Bank Rate or Discount Rate?
  6. Compare Bank Accounts in US
  7. How to open bank account online
  8. Compare current accounts of American Banks
  9. Top 10 US banks with best savings account rates
  10. Best Checking Account
  11. List of high interest banks
  12. New Bank Account offers
  13. Best Checking Account offers
  14. Best Bank to Bank with?

These are just few important banking topics, however, we write on each and every subject related to banking. There are many people in the United States who doesn't have basic banking knowledge. In order to make sure every citizen gets the benefit, we have came up with Bank L List so that there is 100% percent transparency among the banks and customers. Many people doesn't know that savings account and checking accounts are different and even if you have an online savings account you need a checking account to withdraw cash. 

How Banking came into existence?

It is said that banking first started in Europe by merchants and goldsmiths, they gave loan to the farmers who carry goods from one place to another in Assyria and Sumeria in 2000 BC and slowly it spread to other parts of Europe. In those days Banks had only two purpose accepting deposits and providing loans with interest. As time kept on passing banks evolved so much, nowadays banks have many products credit cards, lockers, etc. Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena is the oldest bank in the world still in operation, and in America it is The Bank of New York. These banks were established in the year of 1472 and 1812 respectively. The first bank to introduce ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is Barclays way back in 1967 and was invented by Shepherd Barron.

Which are the famous banks in United States?

Chase Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, American Express, Citi Bank, U.S Bankcorp, T.D Bank, The Bank of New York, Capital One, State Street Corporation, Sun Trust, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Discover Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, New York Community Bank, First Republic Bank, Signature Bank, East West Bank, Commercia, BMO Harris Bank, First Horizon National Corporation. USAA Bank.

About the Author
Paul William
Author: Paul William
I am an American Economist (Ph.D. MIT). Over 1981-88, I was an Assistant Professor of Economics at the City University of New York. I have also assisted the Republic Government of USA I have worked in several countries in Europe and Africa as a consultant. I have also been a consultant for a variety of U.S. agencies. These include the D.C. Public Service Commission, the D.C. Department of Energy and Wind and Solar Energy California.

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