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Top Banks in Texas 2024

Navigating the Top Banks in Texas in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Financial Partner

There are an increasing number of financial institutions around the United States, and the state of Texas has not been overlooked either. There are many banks in the area that provide an extensive variety of financial services to their customers. Nevertheless, when it comes to selecting the most suitable bank for you, it is critical to consider a wide range of variables that address different financial demands and preferences.

Determining the "best banks" requires careful assessment of a variety of factors. To provide an additional perspective on the previously outlined criteria, below is a comprehensive review of the requirements and a list of banks that excel in each specialized area. The listings below showcase some of the best banks in the state of Texas.

  1. Competitive APY (Annual Percentage Yields):

Competitive Annual Percentage The annual percentage yield (APY) is the real rate of return on an investment after accounting for compound interest. Competitive rates of interest on savings and checking accounts help consumers elevate their money. Banks that frequently offer competitive APYs show their commitment to providing value to their consumers. 

The best bank in Texas that offers the best APY

Ally Bank:

Ally Bank is an online service provider through its web-based and mobile banking services. When it comes to banks offering the most competitive APY, Ally Bank is the best one in Texas. With its annual percentage yield as high as 4.5% and zero minimum deposit, Ally Bank is safely the best one for people who are looking forward to saving. Ally Bank also provides other services such as MMA (money market account), individual retirement accounts (IRAs), and Certificate of Deposits (CDs). 

2. Easy accessibility:

Another major factor to be considered in a traditional banking system is its availability. If you frequently need to make use of an ATM or visit a physical location, you'll want a bank with an extensive network of outlets nearby. The top banks in Texas need to maintain substantial operations throughout the state and offer local branch services. This is particularly significant for clients who prefer in-person contacts for specific transactions or require assistance with complicated financial concerns.

The best bank in Texas that has the best accessibility rate

Wells Fargo:

A major factor when choosing the best bank is its availability. When it comes to easy accessibility, Wells Fargo is as good as it gets. With over 640 branches all around Texas and more than 1200 ATMs, Well Fargo becomes the best option. The bank has operations in 39 other states as well. Apart from the easy access, Wells Fargo provides online as well as traditional banking services. The bank also offers a variety of bank accounts, which include two savings accounts, five checking accounts, three CD types, and retirement accounts.

 3. Highest Consumer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important criteria that the bank needs to meet to be the best one. Higher consumer satisfaction means that the bank offers reliable customer services, high responsiveness, and, over all, well-rounded, transparent communication towards its consumers.

The best bank in Texas offers the best customer service

Frost Bank:

When it comes to providing the best customer service, Frost Bank tops the list. With their impeccable human customer service, their transparent way of dealing with their customers, and also by being active in the community it is in, Frost Bank has proven to be a valuable bank. Frost Bank also has lower fees for its banking charges, and the interest rates on savings accounts are also quite an added advantage for its customers. Frost Bank has over 145 branches across Texas.

  4. Product Diversity:

The best banks in Texas should offer a comprehensive suite of financial products and services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and investment options. This ensures that customers can fulfil various financial needs within a single institution.

The best bank in Texas that offers the best product and service diversity

First Citizen Bank:

First Citizen Bank leads the list of the best banks in Texas when it comes to a bank that offers a wide variety of products and services that cater to your banking and financial needs. First Citizen Bank was founded in 1898 in North Carolina, and as of today, it operates in 19 states. First Citizen Bank clients have access to a wide range of products. There are three types of checking accounts: two savings accounts, CDs, credit cards, and money markets.

Also, First Citizen Bank sets itself apart from other banks for its exceptional user experience as well. The bank provides a consumer hotline that is accessible from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET and a web-based tool that is able to connect the customer to the local banking branch staff for various queries related to the bank.

 5. Best for Students:

There are tons of banks in Texas, and one major factor that makes a bank be considered the best is how accommodating it is to different groups of customers. It is really important for a bank to provide a well-rounded solution to its customer group, and one such group is students.

The best bank in Texas that offers the best services for students

Chase Bank:

When it comes to enrolling in college, the very last thing you should worry about is where to find an ATM. Banking with a large bank like Chase takes care of that for you, with thousands of easily accessible branches and ATMs across the country. This is especially useful for students attending school out of state, as it might be difficult to find local bank offices overseas.

College students can benefit from the Chase College Checking account, which is intended for students aged 17 to 24 who have documentation of student status. There is a $6 monthly charge, but it can be avoided for five years while in college by making a direct deposit each statement cycle or maintaining an average daily balance of at least $5,000.

6. Best for ATMs:

Having access to ATMs all across the country is really important for any bank to be considered one of the best banks in the world. ATMs are an integral aspect of the bank, as they allow customers to have easy access to their funds without any hassle.

The best bank in Texas that offers the best ATM services in Texas


BMO is the 13th-largest bank in the United States, and even though it does not have many branches in Texas, its ATM network extends throughout the state, allowing convenient access to account cash.

The well-known bank operates in 32 states and has over 40,000 fee-free ATMs scattered around the country. BMO delivers full-service banking, featuring high-yield CDs and money market accounts.

 7. Best Fee Structure:

Considering a bank to be the best also requires a bank to have the lowest fee structure when it comes to monthly fees, transfer fees, overdraft fees, and so on. The lower the charges for all these services, the better the bank's selection will be.

The best bank in Texas that offers the best fee structure in Texas

Texas Capital Bank:

Texas Capital Bank has the lowest fees when compared to other Texas banks, with no monthly service fees, moderate overdraft fees, and inexpensive wire transfer fees. Customers can earn 5% APY by opening a Star High Yield Savings Account with balances up to $1 million. There are no monthly costs for opening this account. Texas Capital Bank has more than 55,000 ATMs in its network.

These are some of the best banks in Texas as of January 2024. So, these are the leading financial institutions in Texas that provide the most straightforward and easiest access, the lowest minimum balances and fees, the best interest rates in the business, and the best services for students, amongst others. 

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