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$50 loan instant app

Here is the best $50 loan instant apps that will help you to overcome your financial burden. These apps let you borrow $50 instantly as emergency loan. There are many apps that loan you money instantly, the amount they loan you is in between $50-$500. Most of the instant loan apps disburse the loan amount on the same day with very less documentation. Few of these quick loan apps even allow students to apply for loan.

If you are a salaried person your instant loan application would be taken on priority. Most of the $50 loan instant apps accept the loan application and deposit the amount to the customers bank account. As $50 is not a big amount, the creditors believe it would be easier for the customers to return the loan amount on time. 


Below are the best $50 loan instant apps

  1. Dave app
  2. PayActiv app
  3. Branch app
  4. Brigit app
  5. Albert app
  6. MoneyLion app
  7. Empower app
  8. Chime
  9. Cleo app
  10. DailyPay app
  11. Earnin

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$50 Loan instant app VIDEO

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Dave App : Dave does not charge any standard delivery fee for a $50 instant loan, However, if you want the loan amount to be disbursed in eight hours you need to pay express fee of $5. You get instant approval if you have a fantastic track record of previous instant loans. This app does not check your credit score.

PayActiv : This is one of the app wherein you can quickly borrow $50 loan as cash advance. You can also opt for higher amount based on your salary. This app is exclusively for salaried person and the employer must have taken their services. With PayActiv you don't have to wait for your salary to arrive anymore. 

Branch : Another cash advance $50 loan instant app for employees. This app is very useful during emergency and the best part is you don't have pay any fee or interest for the instant loan. Two months salary on your bank account is enough for approval. Hassel free as you don't have to repay the advance amount manually, branch will deduct the advance amount automatically. 

Brigit app : With Brigit you can take instant loan upto $250. This is a very smart personal finance app, it has the capability of depositing funds in your account automatically whenever your account approaches near negative balance. You must have a checking account to avail their services. There is no interest rate, however, there is a monthly fee of $9.99 to use their service.

Albert app : It is a budgeting app with ample of cash back offers. Albert is free to use for the first month of trial period, thereafter you need to pay $4 per month. It is a $50 loan instant app without any interest. The best part of this app is you get $150 as joining bonus and another $150 for bringing new members to the app. There are hidden charges as well.

MoneyLion : Money lion is a very famous instant loan app with 8 million downloads. Other than cash advance the app deals in investment too. With no credit check, no processing fee and no interest it is one of the best app for $50 advance. Also, the app is for free and there are no monthly fee to use the app. 

Empower app : This app is similar to other apps with no processing fee, no interest and no credit check on cash advances. You can $50 loan instantly with this app. You get cash backs if you are a Empower debit card holder. Get alerts on your spending, overall a good personal finance app to have.

Chime : If you own a chime account you don't have to go for an instant loan when your account balance is zero. Chime has feature called SpotMe which allows you to spend upto $200 with no extra charges. This is a great option for those whose bank account gets dried in the month end.

Cleo app : Cleo offers cash advance of upto $100 and you can return it in a month time as per your convenience without any interest or fees. This app lets you track your spending and also earn cashbacks. 

DailyPay : Little different from instant loan app, your employer must sign up for the service. 

Earnin : This is a fully automated and reliable $50 loan app, it provides you the loan against your paycheck without any fees or interest. The instant loan app automatically deduct the loan amount from your checking account on the pay day. It is another fantastic personal finance app. 

$50 loan instant app without bank account

Sometimes in emergency we are in need of quick cash at the same time we don't want to share our bank details. There are few apps that serve the purpose, it is to be noted these $50 loan instant app without bank account charges interest and processing fee, they look at your credit score, and you must be presently working. 

Here are few of the instant loan providers :

  1. Rocket Loans
  2. Universal Credit
  3. Light Stream
  4. Lending Point 
  5. One main financial

Borrow $50 instantly 

There are many ways to borrow $50 instantly, let me tell how you can do it. Keep a piggy bank at your residence. Put in $1 everyday, trust me after a month it would become a habit. So, whenever you need some funds you can take it our from it but make sure you keep it back after you get your paycheck. You may try asking all your friends or relatives, they won't say no to you for sure, make sure you pay them back asap.

$50 loan instant app (Conclusion)

There are many instant loan apps online to borrow $50. Choose the app that suits you best. Don't forget to check if there are any hidden charges. It is always better to repay on time, it increases your credit score. Save some small amount every month, so that when emergency arrives, you can use your savings.


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